Cross Border Legal Services

As a Canadian citizen and US permanent resident, Jeff has a personal connection to the US and Canada. Jeff assists Canadians to buy real estate in the US and businesses to do business in the US.  Canadians wanting to buy real estate in the US or open a business in the US face a complex and unfamiliar landscape.  Experienced legal representation on your side is a vital asset.  Jeff’s cross border practice focuses exclusively on small businesses and startups wanting to enter the US market and on individuals and businesses wanting to purchase real estate in the US.  He offers an alternative to the impersonal and high-priced big law firm experience.  He provides the personalized small-business focus that you want, the quality legal representation you expect and the cost-effectiveness you need.  He assists Canadian businesses entering into the U.S. market by forming U.S. business entities including limited partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.  In addition to determining the best ownership structure and forming the entity, if requested by the Client, Jeff often continues to work with the U.S. business acting as registered agent and/or general counsel.  Jeff can assist with other business law issues that may arise, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, commercial leases, trademarks, obtaining licenses and employment issues.  Jeff is located five miles from the Pacific Highway truck crossing (Blaine, WA & Surrey, B.C.).

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