• I had the good fortune to rely on Jeff Leghorn for legal counsel for more than eighteen years during my time as Senior Vice-President of Sundquist Homes A Family of Companies.  Sundquist Homes was a mid-size real estate developer and builder located in the north Seattle area. Sundquist Homes was acquired by Century Communities in 2017.  Jeff provided excellent legal review and direction related to an array of legal issues associated with real estate development, commercial and residential landlord tenant and the construction industry.  He also provided ongoing legal counsel on a range of business related issues to the various companies that made up Sundquist Homes A Family of Companies.   On a personal level, it has been a pleasure to interact with Jeff, as he is as personable as he is capable.  He is very smart, which comes out in the work that he does, but he engages the people he serves with a humble spirit.    I am now Vice-President, Land Acquisition for Century Communities, a national developer and home builder.  I am pleased to continue to be working with Jeff as he provides legal services to Century Communities.    I would highly recommend Jeff Leghorn as legal counsel.     Sincerely,  Bob Vick Vice President – Land Acquisition Century Communities